Complete guide to kitchen styles 2022

23rd Mar, 2022

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The kitchen is normally considered the ‘heart of a home’, one of the spaces where we spend the most time socialising with our loved ones over a home-cooked meal. From wooden countertops to sleek marble cabinets, a different kitchen style can completely change the room’s mood. Whether you prefer patterned tiling on the walls or if you like a more natural look, there is always something that will suit your preferred style. A new and renovated kitchen could additionally boost the value of your home when selling – adding around five to ten percent to the total value of your home.

Moveable have compiled the ultimate guide to the most popular kitchen styles, ranging from contemporary chic to farmhouse sleek. If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen, the below may help with inspiring you!


Country/Farmhouse Kitchen

Think wood, timber and more wood – a country kitchen style makes you constantly feel like you’re on a cosy and warm getaway. With high ceilings, wooden beams and beautiful, large farmhouse sinks, a country kitchen style makes use of natural materials, creating a modern-rustic design that looks stylish and lived-in.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Styles 2022


Minimalist Kitchen

There’s one rule with a minimalist kitchen style – less is more. First introduced in the 1950s, the minimalist look focuses on clean shape and colours. It may be useful having more storage space – because, with a minimalist look, it’s all about the lack of elements in your kitchen. If you’re into the minimalist look, you may be a fan of monochromatic colour schemes and sleek and clean finishes.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Styles 2022


Scandinavian Kitchen

Similar to a minimalist kitchen, but less minimal and warmer. Also known as a ‘Nordic’ style, a Scandinavian kitchen consists of organic shapes, natural materials and clean lines while maintaining a crisp and fresh look. White is the main colour hue, which brings in more light through reflections off the walls (desperate needed for Scandinavian weather). Feature lights and hanging pendants are the focal pieces of a Scandinavian kitchen, with a mix of wooden floors, bright furniture and a touch of colour or pattern. Don’t forget to finish the look with some contemporary wall art – you can find some cool and affordable ones here!

Check out this beautiful Nordic style kitchen designed by interior designer Kim Armstrong for some amazing inspiration!

Complete Guide to Kitchen Styles 2022


Rustic Kitchen

A rustic kitchen design consists of a weathered and rugged look – but cosy and charming at the same time. Playing with various textures such as wood, stone, and brick, a rustic-style kitchen tends to entail warmer hues – a stark contrast from modern and minimalist kitchens. Another main aspect of a rustic kitchen includes the use of vintage appliances to give it even more character.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Styles 2022


Modern Kitchen

As one of the most popular kitchen styles, a modern kitchen consists of two main characteristics: sleek and simple. Staying away from busy designs and patterns, a modern kitchen keeps the clutter to a minimum. Instead, it focuses on sleek surfaces, bare countertops and stainless steel – giving you the feeling of modern luxury. Don’t forget that you can also mix kitchen styles depending on what you like – wood is also a great material that works beautifully with a modern kitchen layout.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Styles 2022


Industrial Kitchen

The industrial kitchen style is derived straight from a commercial restaurant kitchen and brings an urban touch to your kitchen. Think of a restaurant – overhead pot racks in cast iron or stainless steel, open shelving, exposed structures such as brick, water pipes and metal beams, concrete floors, and wooden tabletops.

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Eclectic Kitchen

If you’re the type of person who loves mixing and matching when it comes to decorating – an eclectic kitchen style is the one for you. However, this style can potentially be too chaotic and all over the place. But when done right, an eclectic kitchen layout can come across as effortless, cool and very unique.

The trick is to tie in a touch of various kitchen styles – including a bit of a modern and rustic style. Remember not to go all out on designs and colours; instead, have a scheme that ties everything together. Check out this beautiful eclectic townhouse built in the 1930s in Porto!

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