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15th Sep, 2021

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Endless forms to sign, countless boxes to fill and plenty of furniture to rearrange, these are only some of the many frustrations that come with moving home. Moving to a new house can be physically and emotionally challenging. It is therefore important to tackle the more stressful and consuming tasks first so you don’t have to do too much fixing up when you’re at the new address.


Get Organised & Start Early 

Moving can sometimes feel like a full-time job, so it is important to stay organised like you would at work. Some of the things you can do in the months leading up to the official move are:

  • Get packing supplies
  • Research removal companies
  • Make a full inventory of your possessions (and estimated value)
  • Make a list of all big and important items, especially any large and heavy furniture to notify removal companies
  • Consider buying insurance (buildings, contents and moving)
  • Obtain a floor plan of the new property to plan where your furniture will go
  • Create a property file with all moving papers and receipts
  • Rent a storage space if you need it

If possible, try to plan your move weeks, or even months, in advance. At least three months is preferred, as it will give you lots of time to figure out any issues, hire a moving company, and to start gathering packing supplies.


Concentrate on the Small Steps 

Once you have reached the point where it is time to start packing, you may feel overwhelmed and as if you’ll never get it all done, but all you have to do is stop looking at the big picture and start concentrating on the small steps.

Here are some of the steps that you can take to get ahead of the packing process:

    • Come up with a system for labelling your boxes
    • Start by packing the non-essentials, such as decor, off-season clothing, and books
    • Pack any outdoor and stored items
    • Make a list for where you’ll need to change your address, such as the council, the bank, main utilities, insurance, GP, etc.
    • Confirm the removals company 
    • Finalise travel arrangements, such as babysitters or dog sitters and even hotels or flights are necessary.


Take some Time-Out   

When the home move is getting too stressful the best thing you can do is take a much-needed time-out. Even just a half hour here and there will go a long way toward ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed. In between all the sorting and packing, put your feet up, read a book, go out for lunch with a friend, have a relaxing dinner or even a quiet cup of coffee—anything that will give you a chance to have a moment or two of downtime.


Enjoy the Moment   

Last but not least, remember to think of your move as an opportunity for change. If you can, savour this rare experience and think about all the positive things that are coming your way because you’re taking a chance, creating a new opportunity, and stepping away from the familiar.

We know that trying to juggle a house move alongside all the other things in your day-to-day life and staying positive can be tough. It’s understandable when things get forgotten or missed. That’s why at the core of our web app is a step-by-step checklist featuring all the guidance you need to help make your property journey as fast and smooth as possible.


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