5 things to do if you’re considering a home move in 2022

29th Dec, 2021

5 things to do if you’re considering a home move in 2022

Moving homes sounds a lot easier on paper than it is in reality; not only that, but it is also a big step that requires a lot of consideration and commitment. With over a million people having moved homes in the last year, research from Moveable shows that 11% of Brits overpaid by thousands due to rushing through or not understanding the process, while 17% were blindsided by the huge number of processes involved in moving house and were caught out financially. This demonstrates that it is crucial that home movers are prepared before the big day, to ensure that they are not overpaying on top of already monstrous property prices.

We know that moving houses can be a stressful and exhausting experience, which is why we have created a list of things that you should consider if you’re planning on moving in 2022.


1. Make a checklist

This is the first thing that should be done leading up to the move to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. By listing the tasks to be completed, you are not only able to visualise everything, but also have the chance to plan out which tasks are more urgent than others. Try placing your future move in date at the top of the list, and from there, plan what needs to be done before the other. That way, you don’t have to delay your house move by forgetting to complete a task.


2. Ensure that you’re budgeting correctly

Moveable’s research shows that in the past year, 13% of Brits didn’t budget for extra fees around their home purchase and had to borrow money to cover the costs. It is apparent that house prices in the UK are higher than ever, and with moving costs steadily increasing and so many hidden costs, it is no longer an option for Brits to continue paying such high prices. Therefore, you should always budget a little more than what you’ve initially worked out, to ensure that you have a safety net in case something goes wrong during the move.


3. Compare prices

These days there are hundreds of different companies for services and providers when it comes to moving. There are also various different services that are vital when moving houses. This can include, internet, electricity, water, removal services, and insurance, among many others. Hence, it is vital to compare prices and the services that these businesses offer to ensure that you’re happy with the providers.


4. Arrange services as early as possible

We all know that feeling of desperation when you need to book in a last-minute service and therefore willingly, and begrudgingly, pay outrageous costs. As the average house price continues to overtake average salaries, it is more important than ever that Brits save money where they can, and by arranging services, such as removal services, as early as possible, you are able to not only hold to some of your savings, but sit back and relax without stressing before the big day.


5. Label everything

With so much to do, you want to avoid as much extra work and confusion as possible, and with unpacking as one of the very last steps, labelling everything will make your job a lot easier. Use stickers if you need, and provide not only a label, but a brief description of the items inside. This will additionally make it a lot easier for removal services to see where to drop of the boxes, to save yourself from doing any more work.


Moveable can save you time

Still overwhelmed with the whole moving process? We’ve got you covered. Moveable can help you create your own checklist to ensure that you have everything completed before the big move. It has everything you need including expert guides, price-comparison and timesaving tools – everything you need in one convenient package to help make the process less stressful!

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