About Moveable

Every self-respecting superhero has an origin story, and the members of the Moveable team are no different. We met in secret one dark and stormy night, united by a common desire to banish relocation frustration once and for all.

Together we resolved to rid home moving of poor communication, unnecessary delays and stress-related hair loss. Now, armed with our special powers of business expertise and technological savvy, we’ve come to rescue consumers and service providers alike, whisking them away to the safety of hassle-free, collaborative home moving.

In short, we’re a bit like the Avengers of the property world, only with less spandex.

Our background

Over a period of five years, the Moveable team has honed its industry experience and technical expertise in building price comparison sites to help consumers find the best deals on conveyancing, removals and surveying. Our next step was to use this knowledge to deliver an end-to-end service for today’s home movers.

While many areas of modern life have benefitted from improvements in technology and connectivity, moving home is still stuck in the dark ages. A lack of communication and an abundance of time-consuming red tape mean home movers continue to deal with long delays and constant phone chasing.

Born of frustration from these various unnecessary complications, our enterprising members decided to improve the experience for everyone involved, from first-time buyers to seasoned property professionals.

Now Moveable is bringing the process of moving home kicking and screaming into the 21st century. With our comprehensive range of helpful tools and services, we offer our users a faster, smoother, better journey, all the way to new home happiness.

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