6 easy ways to keep your home cool

03rd Aug, 2022

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The UK is set for another heatwave this August, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-thirties! Since homes in Britain are not best equipped to deal with the hot weather, we’ve put together six easy things you can do to keep your home cool during the heatwave.


Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day

As tempting as it may be to let the glorious sunlight in, it can make rooms unbearably warm – particularly if the rooms have a south-facing window. If you want to go a step further, invest in thermal or blackout blinds and curtains which will shelter your room entirely from light. You may also want to keep your windows closed during the day to keep the heat out. Once the temperature drops at night, you can open them again to air out your home.


Turn appliances off when not in use

Large kitchen appliances generate unwanted heat in your home. You could try to cook meals that don’t require heat to keep your kitchen cool or be mindful of how long your oven is on. Also, take a look around each room to see if there are any other appliances that could be switched off, such as televisions, computers and lights. Be careful of charging laptops and phones during the day too, as they can sometimes overheat in high temperatures.


Position your fans effectively

If you’ve invested in a fan, make sure you use it efficiently, or you could risk circulating warm air around your home. The trick is to angle your fan towards the window, where it will push warm air out to keep the room cool. To speed up the cooling process, place a bowl of icy water in front of the fan as it will make the air colder as the ice evaporates.


Replace your lightbulbs with LEDs

Traditional lightbulbs give off up to 90% of their energy as heat, whereas energy-saving lightbulbs convert 90% of the energy to light. Whilst it may seem like a small swap to make, LED bulbs will help to reduce the cost of your energy bill and will be much cooler in the heat – it’s a win-win!


Revamp your outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, using it effectively can be a real asset when it comes to keeping your house cool. Whilst they may not be a quick fix, trees will help shelter your home from direct exposure to the sun. When it comes to designing your outdoor area, opt for materials that reflect heat for your patio and decking area, as they will keep the surface cool and will protect against heat damage!


Decorate your bedroom for summer

Invest in bedding that is made from natural fibres such as cotton or linen. Linen is naturally breathable, sweat-wicking and acts as a natural temperature regulator, whilst cotton absorbs heat from your body throughout the night. When it comes to quilts, switch to a duvet that is between 2.5-4 tog and made from natural fillings, or just ditch the duvet completely and sleep with just the sheets.


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