How to make your home pet-friendly

27th Apr, 2022

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One of the most important factors to consider before you plan on getting a new pet is to make sure that you live in a pet-friendly space. Over 12 million households in the UK have pets – yet it can be challenging for those who live in an urbanised city to have ample space in the home.

For this reason, we’ve created a guide for all first-time pet owners to ensure that your home is the perfect sanctuary for your four-legged friend – independent of wherever you live.


1. Consider your choice of fabrics and flooring

Think carefully about your choice of fabric for your home, particularly how they’re likely to gather fur. Steer clear of delicate materials that can easily damage, such as silk. Also, avoid velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour and chenille, as these fabrics are like a magnet for pet hair. Instead, think about investing in smooth tapestries, leather, and synthetic fibres.

In the case of rainy and muddy days, it is also crucial to have flooring that is easy to clean. Avoid carpeting, as well as wooden floors that scratch and dent easily. Opt for harder wood such as mahogany or oak if your heart is set on wooden floors.


2. Protect your furniture and consider potential accidents

Avoid having anything too low (for example, coffee tables) as an overly excited pet could break it. Likewise, make sure your glasses, candles and any other breakable items are not too close to the ground and consider the space in your home to avoid any mishaps.


3. Have a designated play space

It is vital to ensure that your pet gets as much playtime as possible – particularly if they’re still young and energetic. Dogs can often be quite excitable and will play with almost anything. While it’s great to get your furry friend to chase balls, roll around excitedly and play tug of war, we recommend creating a designated ‘play area’ that your pet knows is suitable. This will also teach them about boundaries, giving them a grounded routine in the home.


4. Keep your kitchen spotless

Keep the kitchen as tidy and clean as possible so that your pet doesn’t eat anything by accident. Remember, chocolate, grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs, so stay alert. Keep their food bowls out of plain sight, and make sure your pet always has clean and fresh water at their disposal.


5. Make sure you have the pet essentials in your home

A key factor in owning a pet is making sure you have the essentials, including their own comfy bed. Whether it’s in the corridor, living room, or kitchen, it’s nice for your pet to have a routine every night, where they can retreat to their very own private sanctuary.


6. Hide electrical cables

Try hiding trailing wires and cables behind furniture; alternatively, you can find a thick cable protector that can be placed over your wires to make them puppy chew-proof


To find out more about what to do and what to check before you adopt a pet, you should read this guide.


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